A Ho's Guide to Surviving South by Southwest SXSW.

by: @bangerton 3.11.2019

Every year, friends tell me they're overwhelmed with doing SXSW. I always get asked: what do I do, where do I find RSVPs etc.; so I decided to compile a quick condensed guide to get you in the right direction.

Let me stress: *What you get out of SXSW is dependent on the prep work you put in.*


Trying to keep track of every SXSW artist is intimidating until I learned that @SXSWMF listened to every single official SXSW artist every year and put together a top 20 list. This playlist is incredibly key --SXSW is about music discovery, not chasing down big name/familiar artist shows. Find new bands that are up and coming, and you'll be at the front with no line to get in and plenty of space to dance. A lot of these artists hang out and chat after their shows too.

My 2019 Youtube SXSW playlist: My small list of must sees at SXSW

My schedule and list of artists on my list to check out: Live Google doc that gets updated frequently

The key to SXSW is information:

SXSW is a huge marketing testbed wrapped in a music festival. There are a million things happening every hour, which can be daunting. Here are some good resources:
  • My top artists to catch and daily schedule This is a live spreadsheet I update daily. I try to showcase the up and coming artists since SX is about discovery.

  • FestXperts FKA: Free Shit Guide This is the first legit useful party organizer since SXSHHH years ago. Not only do they have parties organized by date, food, drinks, they have them listed on a map as well. Definitely worth the paltry fee.

  • http://twitter.com I know, I used to hate and refused to have anything to do with twitter, but think of twitter as a news site you create, the quality of the news you get depends on your news source. Follow the people that provide the news you want, and you cut down on riff raff useless news/tweets.

    It's a great way to keep tabs on where friends are and where the party is. Can you do without it? Absolutely. Will you miss out on RSVPs that open and close within five to ten minutes? Most likely.

    So you have a twitter account. Now what? If you don't follow the right people, twitter is useless. These are the important ones I'd suggest: @atxhipsters @cameronATSX @SXSWMF @Festival Saviors.

  • RSVSPster</